When you are looking for a Google+ Extension that will allow you to schedule reposts to other networks, then Friends+Me just might be what you are looking for. The creator of the extension, Alois Bělaška, just released the latest version of Friends+Me that has the most requested features added to it. Friends+Me now allows you to schedule reposts of Google+ posts to other social networks.

Friends+Me repost-scheduling-enabled

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You will be able to define the days and times for when you want Friends+Me to repost queued Google+ posts to other social networks. This will help keep your content fresh and give you an opportunity to share the message that you have cultivated on Google+ to other networks. When it comes to publishing at specific times, you will be able to reach your target customers when they are most likely to be online. It can also help you increase the engagement… Continue reading →

A short time ago, there was no technology and social media in the classroom. Students now do not know a time when pencil and paper technology and social media in the classroomwere the only way to write or do schoolwork. Computers are now palm size and apps and software allow students alternative ways to learn and excel. Today’s students are introduced to computers and social media from an early age. They are learning, communicating and sharing online before they are even old enough to attend school. Teachers must grow and evolve. Technology and social media in the classroom has changed the teaching profession.

How has technology and social media changed the classroom?

Students rely on the quick information that is available with today’s technology. Teachers must keep up with their students needs. This means that technology and social media in the classroom are essential. Not only are these skills imperative to students, there are benefits… Continue reading →

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes those with an entrepreneurial mindset? The internet revolution has brought entrepreneurial mindsetabout a whole new breed of entrepreneurs. Opportunity is available at the tips of your fingers. Today’s opinion of entrepreneurship is now a mindset and not starting a company. Entrepreneurial mindsets are more of a lifestyle than a job.

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset?

An entrepreneurial mindset no longer means you are a business owner it is more of a lifestyle. Having an entrepreneurial mindset affects the way entrepreneurs make decisions and look at opportunities. Most entrepreneurs love what they do. An entrepreneurial mind does not come easily for everyone.  Some must work to develop a entrepreneurial mindset. Some of the characteristics of entrepreneurial minds are:

  • Risk Takers – Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are willing to take calculated risks in return for bigger rewards.
  • Self Starters –… Continue reading →

Do you use Infographics and Pinterest to drive website traffic to you? Pinterest is new on the social media scene and many business owners are struggling to figure out how to take advantage of potential customers using Pinterest. Pinterest is a pin board style, image sharing website. Pinterest allows users to create group “boards” based on interests, themes, hobbies, events or styles. Users can then pin images to boards that are shared with other users who have the same interest.

1408311_89238790You can also create a business page on Pinterest. Users now may browse your Pinterest board in alternative to your website.

Sites like Pinterest are successful because it makes it easy for users to share something they like or find helpful with others who share the same interest. An Infographic allows you to share information in a condensed way. Infographics allow you to drive website traffic by creating an overall… Continue reading →

keyword researchYou have a great site, it’s full of content, yet the question you have to ask yourself is… Are you reaching your target customers? I can not stress enough how important keyword research and using keywords to grow your visibility is to the success of your website.

Keywords are the way people find you. Keywords also tell you what people are searching for online. Keyword research helps you identify your niche and give users what they want. If you want to learn more about the importance of keywords, watch the video below.

Learn How Search Engines and Keywords Work

The first step is to learn how search engines work. Google offers Webmaster Guidelines. You will find guidelines for design and content, technical and quality. It is important to learn how search engines index sites by the use of keywords and other criteria. You can then provide what is… Continue reading →

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